About Us

Jenks Brands Ltd is a privately owned British company that operates in the Snack Food sector.

From its London office, the  company's strong financial base underpins its brand ownership and sales & marketing activities.

The company owns and manages premium food brands including N’eat Natural Energy Fruit Bars, Grab Flapjacks, Clio Nougat Bars and Nut Bars. We do not use palm oil in our products.

The business philosophy is to work with production partners to create and launch delicious impulse food products that are made using natural ingredients sourced through socially responsible supply partners. Through a committed sales approach and focused social media campaigning we develop and introduce new brands via the independent and specialist sectors through to listings with multiple retailers.

 If you would like to know more about any of our brands, contact us on orders@jenksbrands.com or 07795226509.  

Dwight House, 38 Burlington Road, SW6 4NX, United Kingdom.